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About TOMS OFFROAD (formerly Tom’s Bronco Parts)

 It was 1976 when Tom purchased his first Ford Bronco. It was a 1969 Ford Bronco. Years of mud-slinging and four wheeling rounded the corners on the old Bronco and Tom went looking for parts. What he found was less than desirable. Tom ended up finding Early Bronco parts on his own and creating his own “private stash”. Soon friends and strangers were calling on him looking for specialty items for their Ford Broncos, Ford Trucks and sometimes even Ford Mustangs. Thus, TOMS OFFROAD evolved (at that time was known as Tom’s Bronco Parts) .

In 1982 Tom sold off his 69 Ford Bronco and replaced it with a 1976 Ford Bronco. He added the NP435 truck 4-speed transmission, a suspension lift, and fender flares on all 4 corners. He has since then done many modifications to his classic Bronco including an NV4500 5-speed Transmission conversion, Front Hidden Winch Bumper and Rear Goliath Bumper with Tire Rack  and much more. Today, TOMS OFFROAD is the leader of replacement parts for the 66-77 Early Bronco. They have also expanded to offer parts and accessories for classic and late model Ford Trucks, Broncos and classic Ford Mustangs. Tom and his crew strive on maintaining the highest quality products and service in the business.

Tom’s Bronco Parts is now TOMS OFFROAD! WTH?!

We know a lot of early Bronco fans out there are noticing that Tom’s Bronco Parts is now going by the name TOMS OFFROAD and likely have a lot of questions about this change. Was Tom’s Bronco Parts bought out or under new management? Has Tom’s Bronco Parts decided to start selling parts for vehicles other than Broncos? Is TOMS OFFROAD going to focus just on offroad parts now? These and other questions abound, and we are here to set the record straight.

Let’s attack the first and foremost question on everyone’s mind. “What happened to Tom’s Bronco Parts?” For the past 45 years, Tom’s Bronco Parts has taken the lead as many early Bronco fans’ primary source for parts and accessories for their 1966-77 Ford Bronco. Tom’s Bronco Parts has become known over the years for a focus on customer service and providing high quality parts at highly competitive prices. This Tom’s Bronco Parts is going nowhere. The simple truth is that Ford Motor Company owns the exclusive rights in the automotive industry for the term “Bronco” under trademark laws. Though Tom’s Bronco Parts used that term for the past 45 years as part of our business name along with several other early Bronco parts vendors, the term “Bronco” is owned by Ford in this market. With that in mind, we felt it prudent to change our name to avoid a trademark conflict. This is why the company formerly known as Tom’s Bronco Parts is now TOMS OFFROAD.

Now that this is out of the way, we can address additional questions you may have about the new TOMS OFFROAD brand. First off, TOMS OFFROAD is not under new management, has not sold out and has no intention of ever selling out. We love what we do and we are proud of the legacy that we have created as your go to Ford Bronco parts supplier since 1976. We have seen a lot of solid niche brands get swallowed up by the big corporations over the years only to sacrifice the quality of their goods and services. TOMS OFFROAD is and will always be primarily focused on parts and accessories for 1966-77 Ford Broncos, and we plan to do so as a fully independent company to ensure we can continue providing top quality Bronco parts an top-notch customer service.

This brings us to the next question of whether TOMS OFFROAD will be selling parts for vehicles other than Broncos. The simple answer is that this is up to you. As long as we can maintain a thriving company with our 66-77 Ford Bronco parts business, we see no reason and have no desire to expand our offering outside what made us who we are today. That’s not to say we won’t offer parts for classic Ford trucks that are easily available or cross-reference with Bronco parts we already offer. But our primary focus has always been and will always be offering great parts and accessories for the first generation Ford Bronco. We say this is up to you, because it is you as our loyal customers who have provided us with the ability to do what we do. As long as we have your continued support, we will be here to offer the parts you need for your classic Ford Bronco.

Now let’s address the question “Is TOMS OFFROAD going to focus just on offroad parts now?” That’s a legitimate question given the name choice we made in renaming ourselves from Tom’s Bronco Parts. The simple answer is no, we will still be offering and developing great parts for all early Bronco enthusiasts whether your Bronco is a daily driver, a trailer queen or a trail terminator. On the other hand, changing our name to TOMS OFFROAD has renewed our sense of urgency to continue evolving in our offroad performance side of the business. We have been revamping our suspension components and drivetrain offerings for the early Ford Bronco with the plan of offering the best quality offroad components for early Broncos anywhere on the market.

Finally, the question “What’s up with the TBP brand and why not use that instead of TOMS OFFROAD?” TBP isn’t going anywhere, but it is also getting revisited. With the name change to TOMS OFFROAD, we felt it was necessary to retain a brand that also appeals to the daily driver Bronco owner. This is where TBP will take the wheel with the introduction of our new sub-brand TBP Originals. The TBP in TBP Originals stands for “Tom’s Best Parts.” Bronco parts in the TBP Originals line are exclusively made for TOMS OFFROAD. Parts in this line are factory style replacement parts that we feel meet or exceed the quality standards found on original equipment.

We hope this article answers several of your open questions about Tom’s Bronco Parts’ transition to TOMS OFFROAD. It’s human nature to be uncomfortable or upset with change. We are feeling the pains of this change as much if not more than anyone else, but we are also looking at this as an opportunity to dig deep into who we are and why we do what we do. We are excited about moving forward and taking our company, our products and our service to a new level. We want to thank everyone in the Bronco family for all your support…past, present and especially future. The Bronco community has always come through for us in a big way, and we are eternally grateful for all of you.